Videoclips are the most popular way to promote a song. We combine motion graphics and footage to support the song and create memorable videos.

Dime que me quieres - Alejo Stivel

Universal Music

In collaboration with Alejo Stivel, we crafted an animated music video for the reimagined version of the iconic track "Dime Que Me Quieres." Through a seamless fusion of Alejo Stivel's footage and custom animated elements, we depicted various heartfelt expressions of love.


Mordí el hielo - Casell


The ethereal architecture of La Fira de Barcelona served as the enchanting backdrop for this creative, experimental music video, perfectly mirroring the essence of the song itself. We delved into unpretentious visual storytelling, captivating viewers with a feast of sights and sounds.


Líneas de Nazca - Jorge Marazu

Universal Music

Embark on an animated journey through the enigmatic Nazca Lines in this hypnotic music video. Through mesmerizing animations and a beautifully simple love story, we transported audiences to a realm of wonder and awe.


Cuatro días sin dormir - Jvel


With a tight timeline and limited resources, we rose to the challenge of creating a captivating music video. Through meticulous frame-by-frame animation of various modules and scenes, complemented by post-production techniques, we breathed life into a catchy pop song, ensuring every moment resonated with the audience.


Giaguaro - Riviera


For the Italian band Riviera, we crafted a visually stunning music video inspired by the majestic jaguar's fur. The use of diverse textures and elements, reminiscent of collage art and underground aesthetics, transported viewers to a world where passion and music collide in a captivating fusion.


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