Exceptional branding goes beyond a memorable logo. It amplifies a company’s value, provides employees with clarity and motivation, and effortlessly attracts new customers.

5020 Studio

Sony Music

Sony opened 5020 Studio in Madrid, and we were tasked with the adaptation of their original branding from the Miami studio. We modified the logo and created a brand that reflects their new concept.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


We created a narrative through posters that showcase the brand image.

Social Media

This project involved creating many graphic formats, including digital and social media-related content.


Merchandising also reflects a brand’s character and it was another of the designs we did for this project.

IGTV Opening


We prepared three distinct opening animations for Altafonte, each tailored to different artists and sections: "Yo lo vi primero," "Preguntas en 1min," and "Salseo."

Opening Instagram TV

Aves de Paso - Melendi

Sony Music

The cover was used for the single on digital platforms: Spotify, Apple Music...

Single Cover

Latino Caliente

Sony Music

Tasked with creating the brand identity for the "Latino Caliente" playlist on Spotify and various channels, we infused the concept of heat and the vibrant movement of Latin rhythms.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


The brand was meticulously designed to adapt seamlessly across diverse countries and artists, showcasing its remarkable versatility.

Video Ads

Our portfolio includes a range of video promos for this playlist, with one integrating summer-themed elements to enhance the energetic vibe.

Meta Ads, Spotify Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads


Serving as a distinctive brand within Spotify, "Latino Caliente" stands as Sony Music's most popular playlist, capturing the essence of Latin music.

Made in Latino

Sony Music

For the "Made in Latino" playlist, destined for YouTube and other platforms, we crafted a brand identity encompassing a dynamic mix of elements and colors associated with Latin countries.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


Multiple video promos have been produced to accompany the "Made in Latino" playlist, captivating viewers and heightening their musical experience.

Meta Ads, Spotify Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads


Serving as a dedicated brand on YouTube, the "Made in Latino" playlist boasts individual channels tailored to different regions, ensuring an authentic and tailored experience for viewers worldwide.

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