Social Media

As the demand for video content continues to soar, its impact on consumer decisions is undeniable. Recognizing this trend, we specialize in creating animated formats tailored for various social networks. From engaging stories for Instagram to eye-catching videos for TikTok, attention-grabbing bumpers for YouTube, and captivating Ads for Spotify, we cover it all. Embrace the power of animated videos across different platforms and unleash their potential to influence your target audience.

Bellodrama - Ana Mena

Sony Music

The album Bellodrama was one of the big releases of the year. Our team created multiple designs for different platforms to promote and showcase the project, using a centerpiece typography and rhinestones.

Meta Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories, Spotify HPTO, Spotify Canvas, Banners

3D Animation

3D Animation for the announcement of the new album

Power Up - AC/DC

Sony Music

To promote AC/DC's new album "Power Up," we created informative and merchandise-focused animations, captivating fans with engaging visuals.

Meta Ads, YouTube Ads

Mood - Anaju

Sony Music

Our smooth vinyl animation for Anaju's limited edition release included surprises, enhancing the overall experience with dynamic visuals.

Instagram Ads, Meta Ads

EP Bien - C.Tangana

Sony Music

Designed to promote C. Tangana's EP "Bien," our video showcased vertical and horizontal teasers incorporating various music videos and artwork.

Instagram Ads, Meta Ads

Aquellos años locos - El Canto del Loco

Sony Music

El Canto del Loco received dynamic and appealing short animated videos for television and social media platforms, promoting their new album compilation.

Meta Ads, YouTube Ads & TV Spot

Fuego - Estopa

Sony Music

We worked on comprehensive campaigns for Estopa's last album, creating animated content for singles, music videos, and album promotions across multiple channels.

Meta Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories, Spotify HPTO, Spotify Canvas, Banners

Cover Animation

We created different animations using the cover of the single and the video clip to promote it on Meta and Instagram.

Interactive HPTO for Spotify

Our animation for Estopa on Spotify's homepage featured a captivating "burning screen" effect, driving users to listen to their latest single.


We designed banners and cover images for artist profiles on Meta, Twitter, and YouTube, ensuring a visually appealing presence on various platforms.

Filtr playlists

Sony Music

Our animations for Sony Music promote different playlists on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and TikTok.

Instagram Stories, YouTube Ads, Spotify AdCredit

Playlist - Mariah Carey

We created an imaginary world for Sony Music's Christmas campaign and the promotion of one of its playlists, where Mariah Carey was the queen of a Christmas Game of Thrones.

Spotify style

Integrating music videos with the Spotify interface's look and feel, our animations successfully promoted content on Instagram, resonating with fans.

Playlist - Latino Caliente

Filtr, created by Sony Music Entertainment, is the world's leading third-party playlist service with over 26 million global playlist followers.

Salvaje - Nathy Peluso

Sony Music

Throughout Nathy Peluso’s recent single releases, we crafted diverse animations that aligned with the identity and themes of each song.

Meta Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories, Spotify HPTO, Spotify Canvas, Banners

Cuando te Muerdes el Labio - Leiva

Sony Music

We developed a 3D animation to showcase the incredible packaging design for Leiva.

Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads

Abrázame - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Sony Music

Our animation for the new single from La Oreja de Van Gogh featured realistic rain and lightning effects, enhancing the stormy atmosphere.

Meta Ads, YouTube Ads

El Viaje de Coperpot - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Sony Music

To announce the 20th anniversary of LOVG's historical album, we created an animation that stayed true to the original cover's colors, typography, and aesthetics.

Instagram Ads, Meta Ads

Civilizado como los animales - Macaco

Sony Music

We produced promotional content, including animated covers and videos for Macaco's music clips.

Meta Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories


By showcasing milestones through animated content, we engaged audiences and motivated them to explore and consume the product.

Cover Animation

We brought album covers to life through visually stunning animations, captivating viewers and creating engaging promotional content.

Papi Juancho- Maluma

Sony Music

Our promotional videos for Maluma's new songs and EP focused on typography, delivering impactful and captivating content.

Meta Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads

Typography Animation

Using typography animation, we provided information about the songs while entertaining viewers, aligning with the song's aesthetic identity.

El Mal Querer - Rosalía

Sony Music

We collaborated with award-winning artist Rosalía, creating animations to promote her music videos and celebrate her major milestones through diverse campaigns.

Instagram Stories, Meta Ads, Spotify HPTO


In addition, we developed animations to announce nominations for different awards, utilizing various formats such as square, stories, and panoramic videos.

30 y tanto - Sergio Dalma

Sony Music

We crafted static and animated promotional content for Sergio Dalma, tailor-made for various social media platforms.

Meta cover photo and square animation, Twitter header, Instagram story, Spotify cover photo, YouTube banner


Through a three-phase promotion approach, we created banners to announce single releases, build anticipation for the upcoming album, and celebrate its availability.

Meta Promos

During all the campaign we prepared animations to be used on Meta.

Instagram Stories

Our vertical videos showcased the new single and available bundles, providing an engaging and visually striking promotion.

MSDL - Vetusta Morla

Sony Music

Starting with a pen drawing, we brought elements to life by creating animations, resulting in captivating visuals.

Instagram Stories, YouTube Ads, Meta Ads

Packaging Animation

We used 3D animation to give the packaging a lifelike movement, simulating a stop-motion photoshoot for an immersive experience.

La Casa del Rayo - Xoel López

Sony Music

We orchestrated a comprehensive campaign to announce the contest "La Casa del Rayo" by Xoel López. Our contributions included creating captivating animations, designing invitations for the mailing list, and crafting a striking billboard exclusively for FNAC stores.

Instagram Ads, Newsletter, Billboard


Invitations for the mailing list.

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